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PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu)

Céline Sciamma / 2019 / 119' / Swank

January 13th (RSVP) and January 14th (RSVP) @ 5:30 PM

In 18th century France, Marianne, a young painter, is commissioned to create the wedding portrait of a reluctant new bride, Héloïse. Marianne arrives under the guise of companionship and must paint the portrait in secret. As the two women continue to spend a lot of time together, attraction and intimacy grow between them. 



Matthieu Kassovitz / 1995 / 97' / Janus

January 20th (RSVP) and January 21st (RSVP) @ 5:30 PM

In this 1995 classic presented in a 4K restoration, buddies Vinz, Hubert, and Saïd aimlessly pass their days in their low-income banlieue neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris. They are the faces of late 20th century multicultural French youth, confronted to police violence and racism on a daily basis. Their resentment is slowly simmering until it reaches a climatic boiling point.


THE TRUTH (La Vérité) 

Hiokazu Kore-eda / 2019 / 106' / Swank

January 27th (RSVP) and January 28th (RSVP) @ 5:30 PM

Fabienne is.a star of French cinema. She reigns amongst men who love and admire her. When she publishes her memoirs, her daughter Lumir returns from New York to Paris with her husband and young child. The reunion between mother and daughter quickly turns to confrontation: truths are told, settled, loves and resentments confessed. 



Anne Fontaine / 2020 / 99' / DistriB

February 3rd (RSVP) and February 4th (RSVP) @ 5:30 PM

Three police officers work in a Paris brigade trying to hold their professional and personal lives together. One night, they are assigned an unusual mission: drive an illegal immigrant to the airport, where he will be forced onto a plane and sent back to his homeland. When they learn what he will face upon his arrival, they are left with difficult moral and ethical choices to make. 



Cédric Klapisch / 2020 / 110' / DistriB

February 10th (RSVP) and February 11th (RSVP) @ 5:30 PM

Warehouse employee Rémy and research assistant Mélanie have never met, but they live parallel lives: they reside in neighboring apartment buildings in Paris, ride the same subway route, and are troubled by bouts of insomnia and depression. As they stumble through therapy, dating apps, fainting spells, and family visits, they orbit around each other but cannot seem to strike up a connection. 

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