Diversity Week


November 5, 6-8 PM | UofL Uncensored: 

Opening up the dialogue about race, LGBTQIA, and mental health issues and tying it back to our community. Several professionals under each topic will be leading an open discussion and providing perspective and a means for a solution for any issues brought to light under these three topics

November 6, 11:30 AM -1:30 PM | A Mile in Their Shoes with the UofL Women’s Center:

A lunchtime expo event showcasing the multiple facets of people that fall under the category of “woman”. There will be several tables with interactive activities including woman’s suffrage, women in the LGBTQIA community, cultural representations of beauty, the pink tax, Motherhood and education access, cat-calling on campus, etc.

November 7, 6-8 PM | Tea with Refugees:

People from the entire spectrum of the immigration process will come to SAC MPR for a panel discussing the multiple facets of immigration, as well as the strides organizations here in Louisville, have taken in terms of refugee and immigration issues. 

November 8, 6-8 PM | This is America Pt 3: Identity Summit with ELSB: 

This event will be an Identity Summit, bringing together RSOs from all across campus to participate in an engaging discussion where these groups and students can learn from each other and share their goals an passions over dinner provided by Ramsi’s Cafe! Vice Provost Dr. Taylor-Archer will be the guest speaker, discussing the progress and initiatives the university has made under the topic of campus diversity. 

November 9, 5 & 8 PM | Hues in Hollywood: Crazy Rich Asians & BlacKkKlansman:

The tides are in regards to demographics Hollywood is casting for lead roles. In partnership with the Floyd theater, we will be showing the film Crazy Rich Asians and BlacKkKlansman as well as hosting a panel with members from Black Student Union, and Vietnamese Student Association to discuss the significance of having a minority lead role in blockbuster films.  

November 10, 6-10 PM | Jalsa: 

This is an annual event highlighting the Indian festival of lights: Diwali.The event brings people together for tasty Indian food as well as entertaining cultural performances and a skit throughout the event put on by students of the Indian Student Association. Tickets are 5$ for student and 10$ for the general public!